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  1. 50 note withdrawal
  2. If somebody gives me a house...
  3. Restrictions on preparing accounts
  4. Where have all the 10p coins gone?
  5. Ruthbridge debt collection agency - unsubstantiated debt recovery?
  6. Warranty insurance -- is there an implicit/hidden VAT saving?
  7. gold sovereigns
  8. Shared Property Maintenance
  9. Pension schemes
  10. Buy to let house and tax relief
  11. Re: Huhne - 8 months
  12. Re: Jarl Moe / Genecor Holdings / Purple Program FX (Forex)
  13. Capital Gains Tax
  14. Transfer to bank abroad
  15. Re: Jarl Moe / Genecor Holdings / Purple Program FX (Forex)
  16. Re: Jarl Moe / Genecor Holdings / Purple Program FX (Forex)
  17. Unexpected Credit Report Search
  18. Cyprus - devil in the detail
  19. Premum bonds
  20. Re: My high return bus plan for "buy to let" project!
  21. Investors Beware
  22. The fraud of world finance
  23. Primary residence election
  24. Mortgage life insurance ?
  25. Rent my flat out of sell it
  26. Lender steering applicant to interest only mortgage
  27. Van and fuel benefit
  28. Bluebell Railway - Credit Card Scam at East Grinstead?
  29. T-Mobile
  30. Hewlett Packard cashback (OT in uk.d-i-y)
  31. Unsecured creditors
  32. Contactless cards again! [OT in uk.d-i-y]
  33. Re: Negotiate with estate agent
  34. Additional borrowing with mortgage - Can I remain with one companybut get extra from another
  35. CGI/Logica share options?
  37. MKP Capital Europe - phone?
  38. Trust Fund Beneficiary
  39. USoil is going down
  40. Revolution Business dan Investment
  41. Technical Analysis Software. Discount - 25% !!!
  42. uk to donate AVC to charity
  43. is donation to university accommodation bureau deductable fromrental income ?
  44. Re: Child mown down by hi-speed pavement cyclist
  45. Re: Co-op Bank Bonds to Shares
  46. Call centers
  47. Re: 12 Month Payday Loans, 12 Month Loans, No Credit Check
  48. help pls: fractional reserve loan: balance sheet & money supply step by step
  49. St James Place Investments
  50. Online pension forecast
  51. The Co-op Bank
  52. PO Instant Saver
  53. Bank Transfers
  54. VAT refund on silver bullion as a VAT registered company
  55. Get Quick and Instant Support Through Super Loans
  56. ICICI Bank Online
  57. Direct Debits - To set up, all you need is the sort code and account number?
  58. Bankers pay
  59. Sign out of someone else's Google
  60. Index linked savings certificates
  61. Re: Non-VAT-registered trader, supplying VAT-registered customer
  62. Saint Joseph 8-17-71
  63. Annuity rates
  64. ringfencing gift to married daughter
  65. Finance Digital Marketing
  66. Moving paper shares into an ISA?
  67. Poppin'Cash
  68. life insurance- taxable component of estate?
  69. Director's Loan Account
  70. Effect of share prices on companies?
  71. Pensions contributions after drawdown
  72. Found cash - honesty?
  73. Emigrating with large precious metal savings
  74. Indie Scotland says they might keep Sterling. Westminster says theywon't let 'em. Can they?
  75. Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth 4m pounds in Newport landfill site
  76. UK net debt now totals 1 trillion pounds
  77. ISA Stocks and Shares Managed Funds
  78. Direct Debit
  79. Shawbrook?
  80. Why the fuss over 50p Tax Rate...
  81. Why the fuss over 50p Tax Rate...
  82. Rental property: buy personally, or using limited company
  83. Raising a mortgage against a rented property: loan interestdeductable from earnings for tax purposes?
  84. Finance elderly home-owner's purchase of flat ahead of house sale
  85. Request of new capital partner to multinational banking project
  86. Tax and duty on an unusual import
  87. Second Charge on a Property
  88. general Inheritance Tax questions
  89. Capital Gains and Sipp Question
  90. Wealth Preservation Trusts?
  91. Re: Need a Loan for 500
  92. Sick pay and LEL
  93. Solicitors and estate administration
  94. Great Freeware, Insights & Comments For Very High ROI
  95. Re: pb in finance : some hints?
  96. Private Pensions - Budget
  97. Re: Land banking re-sale
  98. Pension Pots
  99. The name on a cheque
  100. A centre-left argument for flat tax - combined with CI it would besimple and just
  101. Something close to my heart, fair treatment by HMRC
  102. Maximising maternity allowances
  103. Re: Criminal Charges against banks
  104. Smart metering
  105. BTL mortgages in 2006
  106. Dumping BA / AIG Shares
  107. Bond and Fixed Interest Fund Prices
  108. Clawing Back Payment Made To Wrong Bank Account
  109. dissolved loan company?
  110. whether to cash in a small (<10,000) pension pot
  111. Proof of identity
  112. What listening to customers actually means
  113. Pubs 'n Bars Plc
  114. Money laundering ott
  115. Bonds from Big60million solar farms
  116. When do you need to report capital gains on a sale of property?
  117. Which of these finance companies are the most equitable, reliable and trustworthy?
  118. Where to find the best selection of lifetime mortgages?
  119. Private mailservers and email backup
  120. How many years can the UK state pension be deferred...
  121. How Conservatives Can Create More jobs in the UK
  122. Automated telephone systems
  123. 1 charge to credit card for fuel?
  124. Parish Council Accounts
  125. Small Pension question
  126. mortgages
  127. Managing Agents Getting Stroppy Over Arrears
  128. Too many coins?
  129. Sound As A Pound By A Mr Dennis. This isn't a joke.
  130. How pedantic are banks?
  131. Dream
  132. Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property
  133. Thursday 20 November 2014: House of Commons debate on Money Creation and Society
  134. Certificate for Creative Accounting
  135. Typical pension set-up charges
  136. Barclaycard no fees
  137. What's the next best thing to hold instead of cash?
  138. Latest Ubuntu tablet hits crowd funding
  139. Bank note replacements
  140. ISA rule change
  141. Co-habiting and Inheritance
  142. Another Access to Pension Issue
  143. Oil price and air fares
  144. Eliminating mortgage companies from counties and boroughs
  145. On phone with HMRC for 55 minutes before being cut-off
  146. Using the 15k cash ISA allowance?
  147. If the lenders didn't actaully have the money they lent to startwith, why should anyone pay then back?
  148. Van and fuel benefit
  149. Raising funds for ATPL
  150. Very Urgent
  151. Interested in the election?
  152. BA Exec Club Cancels All AVIOS
  153. Can TD Direct Investing suddenly, forcibly and extra-judicially closean account and seize the assets?
  154. Registering as a non tAxpayer
  155. Greek bond yields
  156. Cooperative Bank Asking for National Insurance Number After 15 Years
  157. Why are currency conversion quotes the wrong way round?
  158. Most people on over 100k already pay 60% Tax
  159. Reclaiming Tax on Investments
  160. Travel Insurance for the over 65s
  161. RPI direction + NS&I
  162. Children's bank accounts
  163. Re: Transferring Stocks & Shares ISA - opinions?
  164. Money gifts before death
  165. UK Gov debt and the gilt market (why do they need it?)
  166. Buildings insurance for a block of flats ....
  167. Selling my back up of someone's crashed web site
  168. Wrong tax code for PAYE
  169. NSA troll infused Microshaft threatened UK MPs just before election
  170. British Land bond offering
  171. Campaign on corruption should focus on port corruption first
  172. Financial companies pushing for Linux
  173. Re: TD Direct Investing: Want to close account but they won'ttransfer out shares
  174. Tax reclaim on foreign divis
  175. Re: Virtual peer to peer banking
  176. Is weighing coins accurate?
  177. Lack of 2 coins?
  178. Re: HSBC uses the old chestnut explanation of illiquidity (I.T. glitch)
  179. Security of a club's bank account
  180. Risks covered by more than one insurance policy (OT in uk.d-i-y)
  181. Re: What is the point of taxation today in a modern digital world?
  182. No cheap balance transfer rates from Capital_one any more?
  183. APR calculation
  184. Re: Hello finance folks
  185. Where's the main (unofficial) TalkTalk forum?
  186. Re: Let Talk Talk be a lesson that encryption is vital in all electronic interaction across the web
  187. wife buys husnband's share of house? CGT? stamp duty?
  188. Remove 1p and 2p coins?
  189. The paper money is made from
  190. Linux beats everyone with LibreOffice now starting in 1 second and opens files in 1 second
  191. I had a strange debate about debt...
  192. A company asked me for a VAT invoice (but I don't pay VAT)...
  193. Mutilated banknotes
  194. Stamp duty on 2nd homes
  195. Council spending
  196. safe deposit boxes - how safe if a bank fails?
  197. VAT forums?
  198. temporary withdrawal of funds from ISA
  199. Broker recommendation website
  200. ISA Eligibility
  201. Is there a way to tell how much ISA allowance one has used?
  202. Marriage Allowance - What constitutes 'income'?
  203. House to joint ownership?
  204. Buying 'first house' to rent - extra 3% stamp duty or not?
  205. absorption costing
  206. Eurotunnel warrants
  207. Government pension check
  208. NS&I website problem (6 April 2016)?
  209. ISA interest calculation
  210. CIS tax payments - checking they've been paid?
  211. Poor little Gideon
  212. Explanation of Section 104 'pooled' cost basis for calculating costof shares
  213. Making money with Linux
  214. Re: what would an investor buy to gamble on a NATO-Russia war
  215. How to treat a purchase from a EC member state on the VAT return.
  216. TD Direct Investing: Seizes customer's assets for 2+ years andcounting authority
  217. NSI Index Linked Certificates
  218. no vat receipt for item,can I then sell it on iwith VAT?
  219. Policy Holder
  220. Why does NatWest take payments early?
  221. China opens 18 day freight train service from China to UK
  222. Financial Times - very disappointed
  223. Pensions and reduced allowance for high incomes
  224. Settling debts after death
  225. David Cameroon to launch new Tory Part of The EU
  226. Checking when I opened ISAs
  227. Re: UK economy rebalancing thanks to lower pound
  228. P800 calculation
  229. Private mortgage
  230. IHT - Foreign Assets
  231. UK businesses without a website are losing a lot of money
  232. Mastercard introduces card with built-in fingerprint scanner
  233. Re: Profit on House Sale - Taxable?
  235. BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?
  236. where to watch option prices for DJIA, FTSE-100?
  237. BT fraudulent fake prices for leased line in London
  238. Linux makes the new richest man in the world
  239. IAG Shares (ex-BA)
  240. Any benefits for employer taking on long term unemployed
  241. Joint Account Tax Liability
  242. Transport for fsckies TFL has climbed down and agrees to meet Uber
  243. BEWARE: Fake email from buiding society
  244. Re: Self Assessment Tax Return Postal Address
  245. Question about shares
  246. Tax evasion, law and direct democracy UK
  247. Pusnet et al must include line rental when advertising
  248. BG/SBLC
  249. Retirement options?
  250. Investment advise, tracker funds