View Full Version : WE WILL WIN THE "WAR ON TERROR"...KEEP INVESTING please read

July 22nd 06, 02:40 AM
don't listen to the henny pennys. we will win and it will cost lives,
take time,etc, but we will win.
in december 2000, saddam hussien and iraqs parliment declared war on the
united states.about that same time, assad ,syrias dictator declared;" we
will start world war three with america !" just a few months ago,iran
bragged they would send thousands of suicide bombers against america.
both hezbollah and hamas have threatend to destroy israel and when they
were done they promised to "destroy america".......so, anyone who tells
you there is no real war or president bush started this is wrong......
remember,president clinton was in office when iraq declared war on us
and when assad bragged he would start world war three. let me repeat
that.....president clinton was in command when iraq and syria threatened
us. i am not blaming clinton. he was in charge during the first world
trade center bombing, the attack on the khobar towers where our troops
slept in saidi arabia, the dahran airbase attack, the uss cole attack,
the bombing of our embassies in kenya and tanzania... in fact, all
experts agree the 9-11 attacks were planned when clinton was in office.
this is not bush's war, it is not clintons war, this is americas
war......we will defeat all these scum bags. both syria and iran have
chemical and biological weapons so we must and are, moving slowly in
fighting them. iraq had them and hid and destroyed them as we were
invading. both syria and iran will do the same thing. america is strong,
free and we will win.so, invest, be brave, be confident. we will

"Mohammed Haydar Zammar" recruited the 9-11 hijackers for the attack on
the world trade towers. why has america not arrested him ?