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August 3rd 06, 09:26 AM
Dear all:

We are researchers from Shih Hsin University and we are currently
launching the 2006 New Energy and Environmental Media Issues Survey,
this is a non-profit academic research. In this survey, we would like
to know your opinions about the topics of adoption and safety of new
energy related technology, and your opinion about Kyoto Protocol
related media issues. Your answers will produce valuable information
for our researchers. Your personal details will not be made publicly

available. You can find the URL as below: http://www.e-mediasurvey.com

As thanks for your participating in our survey, we will offer four
screen savers for the interviewees who complete the questionnaire. The
screen savers will be available for download on the final page of the
questionnaire. They include the photos of BMW H2R hydrogen vehicle,
BMW hybrid car, Honda hybrid cars 2001-2006 and Honda fuel cell
vehicles. We appreciate BMW and Honda allowing us to use these photos
to produce screen savers to help this academic research. Would you
please complete the questionnaire as part of the survey? Thank you for
your cooperation.

Project Leader: Mavis Tsai, Ph.D. Co-project Leader: Scott
Warren, Ph.D.
Researchers: PingYuan Sun, BiTing Qiou, YunZe Que
The CCS Global Group
Screen Saver photos authorized by BMW, Honda.
<Please complete the questionnaire as part of the survey, and help us
by forwarding this important survey message. >