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November 6th 06, 07:36 PM
Bushsucks wrote:
> The puppet government of Iraq, in a sham show trial of Saddam before
> a kangaroo court, found him guilty of "Crimes against humanity".
> I submit that the court convicted the wrong man. The War Criminal
> who should have been tried and convicted is George Bush, who has
> murdered 650,000 Iraqis in his War of Choice / Invasion of Iraq.
I couldn't agree more. And of course, that also goes for Sharon (who
now can't even wipe his own stinky ass), Olmert and the rest of the
George W. Bush -sanctioned Israeli Murder Inc. industrial complex.

(I actually very much supported GWB for his first term, UNTIL he
jumped soundly into Israel's pocket, lied through his teeth to the
American public, invaded Iraq, etc., etc. BTW, Bush has also
caused the needless death of over 3,000 Americans, though some
prpbably deserved it. IMO, Georgie is maybe the biggest Presidential
disappointment in US history.)