View Full Version : The criminal cult of scientology and the stock market

phil scott
March 10th 09, 09:16 PM
The Feshback bruddah's... (cult of scientology insiders btw) began
manipulating the stock market in the late 70's .. with 20,000 dollars
capitol.. they would short carefully targeted stocks on margin, then
(very possibly with the cults private investigators) spread lies
about the company...driving the stock price down... the were worth
hundreds of millions of dollars in a few years. Many
have been involved in this sort of thing, about a dozen I know of,
manipulating their own faux companies stock for pump an dump

For instance the OTC ATEG, listing Col Wm Odom on their mast head
along with a bunch of other CIA and NSA people at one time (since
purged).. the company founded by scientologist and retired US
intelligence agent Mike Kobrin, (his wife the cults lead attorney,
Helena Kobrin). They pumped that up to 40 million dollars stock
valuation, then of course the insiders sold..the stock is now worth
half a cent.

Broadly associated in a wide range of other scams are Adnan
Khashogghi (black market weapons, worlds biggest)..with a number of
scns caught running guns, one on trial for a year or so, you can
search google for 'weapons, scientologist, RPG, shoulder fired,
trial' and probably get the latest....many of these closely
with Reed Slatkin (currently doing his 14 year sentence at club fed)
600 million dollar ponzi scheme. and a dozen or so others I am
aware of in the gold mine and gold field business, mostly fraudulent,
but huge world wide, with a few legitmate operations going for show.

Notice the players pleeeze... that should explain a few things...
revealing is that the 4 banks complicit with Slatin we not prosecuted
or charged..nor thier officers..even though the SEC investigation
declared them as part of the scam...

that takes pull... inside pull. Ive provides some information on
about a tenth of 1% of the net fraud coming from this quarter.. it
is also interesting that when the CIA's Carlyle group lost 22 billion
(announced Feb 10,2008) that its investment bank the one in joint
venture with the cult, was USBX investment bank, since morphed to
'advisors'...USBX was formed in Sky Daytons business incubator around
2002? Sky Dayton founded Earthlink Internet services when he was age
20 or so, and is a scientologist.. backed by George Soros btw, with
Reed Slatin on the board of directors (scientologist), currently doing
14 years.

i could go on with many more linkages to this mess.... BCCI for
instance, and the 4 star whore house on the North West corner of the
Tahoe/Reno Indusrial Park south of Carson city Nev 50miles for
instance. but thats legitimate so doesnt make the fraud list... some
of the same players though.

Phil scott