View Full Version : Victoria Jackson: Is this is the face of the New Conservatism?

Doobie Keebler[_2_]
March 11th 09, 03:03 PM
Is this is the face of the new conservatism?

The average, Fox-watching, Limbaugh-loving American?

If so: Wow.

Victoria Jackson, GOP spokesperson:
(video clip from Fox's "Great American Panel")

Back when she was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, I didn't find
Victoria Jackson particularly funny. I thought her ditzy-blonde
routine was too over the top and demeaning; nobody could really be
that idiotic, I thought.

Later, I came to realize that it wasn't just a routine. And I was
wrong about that "nobody could really" thing.

.. . .Jackson: My motivation is gone, because he will punish me if I'm
successful. That's how you start communism, is just take -- Cuba.
Obama wants to be Castro.

.. . . Beckel: What?

.. . .Jackson: Obama wants to be Castro!

Later, she starts waving her Bible....

Comix, you should hook-up with her. I'm sure she'd be blinded by your
brilliant intellect.