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March 13th 09, 11:20 AM
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>White Male Engineers as a Target of the Hostile Elite
>John Williams
>March 11, 2009
>As an engineering student in the early 60's, I was one of 3000+
>students, 99% of whom were white males. However, this is no longer the
>case, and there can be little doubt that this bastion of white male
>competency has become a particular target of the "diversity"
>establishment - part of the hostile elite that dominates the US today.
>White males are being marginalized in an area where they were able to
>earn above-average incomes. Their eclipse in the scientific and
>technical realms is an important part of the general displacement of
>whites among American elites.
>The mantra of the diversity industry is that there are untold (and
>unverified) benefits for creating a diverse workplace. This ideology
>has penetrated to engineering schools at universities throughout
>America. In the 90's, I attended a college reunion luncheon at which
>the Dean gave a slide presentation justifying their program for
>increasing "diversity" in the student body. Their advocacy of
>diversity bordered on fanaticism.
>On a subsequent tour of the college, I observed a large computer lab
>room filled with mostly Asian students. I asked the Dean where the
>American students were, and he replied "They're probably watching
>football this Saturday." Welcome to the non-white technocratic elite.
>There can be little doubt that the result of these policies will be to
>lower the earning power and status of an important segment of white
>males. An important consequence of this marginalization of white males
>will result in making them less desirable in the eyes of white
>females, since it is well known that women are attracted to men of
>power and wealth.
>The following governmental policies are helping to achieve the
>objectives of the hostile elite:
> The massive influx of Asian engineers and students facilitated
>through the H1B program. Presently, the H1B quota is 85,000 per year,
>including employment for 20,000 foreign students with advanced
>degrees. The result has been shown to be a decrease in engineering
> Outsourcing of manufacturing and outsourcing of jobs. Manufacturing
>is heavily dependent on engineers and other technical people. By
>outsourcing manufacturing, you eliminate the need for the many white
>technical people needed for support. Outsourcing of jobs is obviously
> Programs emphasizing "diversity" in the student population reduce the
>number of white males eligible to acquire a decreasing number of job
>openings. Affirmative action in hiring further exacerbates the plight
>of the aspiring white male graduate.
>Since IQ distributions preclude blacks and Latinos from providing the
>required numbers to displace white males, the strategy has been to
>simply import engineers from Asia.
>Microsoft's Bill Gates is a major culprit in this effort to undermine
>white males. Gates testified before Congress about the need for
>unlimited H1B visas, with specious claims about engineer or programmer
>"shortages" and the need to import engineers in order to promote
>innovation and competitiveness.
>But there are no shortages and there is no reason whatever to think
>that the engineers from Asia will have the skills to be truly
>innovative. In fact, America and the West became great by tapping the
>skills of white engineers and scientists. Richard Lynn has shown that
>even though Asians have IQ's at least comparable to whites, they are
>less creative and innovative. Bill Gates' claim that non-white
>engineers are needed to make America competitive and innovative is
>simply not based on any scientific data.
>The bottom line is that a path to status and earning power for some of
>the most intelligent white males has been almost eliminated. Companies
>like Microsoft may benefit because importing engineers lowers the
>salary scale for all engineers. But it will not lead to innovation.
>Indeed, one downside for the society as a whole is that creative,
>intelligent whites may well decide to enter other fields where they
>can make more money, such as finance. Or they may end up watching
>football games and accepting lower-paid, non-technical positions.
>The truly sad thing is that people like Bill Gates have enough money
>to change the world in a positive way. Someone with Gates's money
>would be able to fund pro-white media and political movements that
>would prevent the dispossession of whites and prevent the bloodshed
>and social tensions that will inevitably result from importing huge
>numbers of people of different races and cultures.
>But the sad reality is that all of Gates's efforts are directed at
>undermining his own people. Not only is he spearheading the
>displacement of white engineers and scientists, a glance at the
>website of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shows its
>preoccupation with charity toward non-whites - particularly Africans.
>Not surprisingly, Gates was a highly visible supporter of Obama in the
>recent election. The same can be said of Warren Buffett, another
>superrich supporter of Obama who is closely allied with Gates in
>giving billions to charity to Africans and other non-whites.
>Gates would seem to be the paragon of the individualist white person.
>These are white men who have with no concern for their people but with
>a deep commitment to moral virtue and principle - part of the Puritan
>legacy of American culture. This Puritan legacy was a critical
>ingredient in the demise of the white Protestant elite in favor of the
>hostile Jewish-dominated elite we see today.
>On the other hand, wealthy Jews have a strong record of donating to
>Jewish causes. While people like Gates and Buffett support the forces
>that are undermining their own people, wealthy Jews fund causes -
>including multiculturalism and high levels of non-white immigration -
>that are advocated by Jewish ethnic activist organizations across the
>entire Jewish political spectrum. Whereas Gates and Buffett support
>programs aimed at helping non-whites, a great deal of Jewish
>philanthropy is directed at programs that strengthen Jewish ethnic
>identification and support the Jewish ethnostate of Israel.
>People like Gates and Buffet bask in the praise of conventional
>opinion that is so hostile to the legitimate interests of white
>people. In the end, they will usher in an era of ethnic hostility that
>is likely to be much more brutal than anything in America's past.
>There are far too many whites like this. But if only one or two such
>super-wealthy people realized that their long term interests are bound
>up with preventing the dispossession of their own people, the
>revolution would begin.
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