View Full Version : ESLR +12.4% Get it while it is cheap!

March 13th 09, 03:23 PM
ESLR +12.4%

Motley Fools say this is a good over-perform. On their Solar conviction
list as a over-perform. Cheapest cost per watt of any of the Solar panels.

Doubled my position yesterday. Cost averaging out slowly of a failed Buy
and Mold situation. Might prove to be a very nice suprise. IT has been
rightfully stated that they have some debt. But they also have contracts
that are being filled. With Obama loving solar and with it being a
Made In AMERICA Product with a new factory with Quad Ribbon Pulls.. Yea
it may take a couple years.. But IMO at today price you can make a fast
double. Soon as the Alternative energy programs get some buzzz.. It is
moon shot time..

Note: It has been pointed out that there debt service cost are high.
They have had to build a NEW factory. But it is a modern one and capable
of meeting its current commitments. If your into alternative energy I
would consider having at least a little ESLR in your portfolio.