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phil scott
March 14th 09, 05:55 PM
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> It seems to me the normal situation is a revolt by the nobles
> against the king rather than the peasants against the king.- Hide quoted text -

thats good thinking...but you'd have to flesh it out a bit before I

It may be that the nobles are working for the king... as his front
line.. the historical situation as I see it... with no way to revolt
as it will take them out financially along with the king.

the king the least targetable, the nobles the most targetable, so
those get picked off first by the starving hords... then the king

However, the new breed of kings being fairly astute seem to have made
provisions to be out of the line of fire for this next iteration of
social adjustments. bullet proof as it were... the bullet proof
nature of words btw is elaborated on extensively in the marvelous film
and preceediing book... V for Vendetta.. one hell of a book on
these very very same issues.

The film world class also with Natalie Portman.. as Evie having her
questions answered regarding how a person gains courage.

leaves one breathless almost...

its historical roots the true story of Guy Fawkes and the Gun powder
revolt... which by the way shall never be forgot... along with the
various precursors of vendetta... Virtue, Verbosity, Veracity
and ...well... a lot of precursors such as in symphony you might hear
a faint rumble from the kettle drums before the wispering strings..
as the symphony begins.

Searching YouTube with the key word, 'anomymous' will produce a video
on the latest iteration, just beginning with the faint rumble of the
kettle drums... these wearing Guy Fawkes masks.. the tip of a vastly
larger underground ..

now lemme see... there was an underground involved with Guy Fawkes
also...and a train load of the extinct flower of virtue arrived a bit
later with V, the spawn of evil.

For the last hundred years or a bit longer though the worlds material
power structures have morphed to some degree ....

there are kings in the financial controlling interest positions, over
lord positions.. a bit hard to indentify.. or if identified, hard to
locate or identify its power and asset base. etc....

it is unfortunate for them it seems that their adversary is both
permeating their power structures .... and masked.

Intelligence is the new overlord.. it is awakening.. it is anonymous,
it is masked... It does not forget, it does not forgive.... it is

you can expect it.

Phil scott