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March 14th 09, 10:57 PM
On Mar 14, 6:48�pm, Lubow > wrote:
> On Mar 14, 4:32�pm, Lawyerkill > wrote:
> > Oh and when Cliton awared HAL no bid contracts was Rand alive in him?
> > And I tell you you would have to pay me a lot more than $200/hr to
> > drive a truck in a war zone.
> (1) I think the only thing �stopping you from telling us Clinton owned
> over a million HAL shares while he was doling out the no-bid jobs to
> HAL is that you ran out of Maui-wowies.

So you admit that owning stock had nothing to do with awarding
contracts. By the way was Rand alive when Rubin sold us out for his
friends at Citi?

> (2) An E-3 (PFC) drives a truck for $1,859.70 per month. �Sounds like
> about $12/hr to me.

And your point is? We are not talk about a PFC, we are talking about
someone not in the service being hired to drive a truck in a war zone.