View Full Version : Can Cuomo get to the bottom of AIG?

March 16th 09, 04:38 PM
Will AIG stonewall him? Can they? There is so much more to this than we
know about.. Herb Greenberg come on TV and acts like he just has no
clue to what happened.. **** it started with him.. Water board him and a
few others and lets see who did what..

Who rated these toxic bonds too? They lied and cheated and stole on a
world scale.

NO TARP money for bonuses to these *******s.. I want strong criminal
action on each and every one of them.. If they cant get grasp this and
wish to fight it in court.. SO let them. No jury is going to give it to
them.. They lied and cheated and bankrupted the system.. They are
crooks and need to serve an example. Take their money and make them cry...

What AIG did to us is beyond belief. It was treason.