View Full Version : Hyper inflation just around the corner

March 20th 09, 06:37 PM
OK, So they couldn't sell the Bonds they offered so they printed up a
trillion dollars and bought the bonds themselves. The dollar declined and
gold rose what $70+ on the first day. When people realize that a declining
dollar means they pay more for the goods they buy (mostly manufactured
overseas) there will be a panic. It is my understanding that every time
this has been tried in the past, the government/country failed. It has
never ended a depression except it drove the depression into hyper
inflation. I expected the market to go down farther than it did today. I
don't think most americans know what their government has just done to them
and when they find out, look out below. I guess this is why Obama was on
Leno last night pretending to be a clown so he can say he didn't know
anything about this. What a great country this is. Or use to be.

All Fodder today.