View Full Version : Big Bucks? Big List? Don't Hesitate... or big loss

March 20th 09, 09:53 PM
Hello there,

If you missed out from joining at the
beginning of our first list builder/mailer,
SLE (which is near 10000 people in 1 month)
....here is a chance to get on the new
one for NO C00ST. So grab it quick....

It is called ListWonderExtreme. LWE uses
an "INHOUSE" email box system so you get
NO EMAILS sent to your isp box at all.

We are talking big bucks and big lists here
so do not hesitate.

If you want your own email list and a way
to send to it... this is it!

This will build it for you, all you do is
just view 5 messages and that's it.

Everyday you are not on this, the more subscribers
are gone and can never be added to your personal list.

Get all of today's subscribers before they are GONE.

Thank you,
John Jeffrey