View Full Version : "The Spectator" Stop The Debates!

Doc Holliday
March 21st 09, 12:16 PM
In case any of you haven't figured out that when you look at things
through a microscope you are doing exactly what they want you to do
and "they" (politicians) and getting exactly what then need to
systematically and methodically tear our collective thoughts apart
accomplishing the ultimate goal of maintaining power over us. If "we"
don't get our heads out of our asses and quit micromanaging each
individual bill and or politician then we will never see the BIG

The philosophy that hedges behind this phenomena is collectivism vs
individualism and as a COLLECTIVELY system our government and or
leadership is leading us away from our individual rights and or our
inalienable rights. "They" are doing so "collectively?

As I've looked at the leadership philosophies of Benjamin Franklin and
George Washington who found their genius in a book called "The
Spectator" I now understand why this nation has been led into
"individualism" and or specialty. When the atom bomb was built with
thousands of people working on this project each individual had a
specialized and or specific (specialist and or specialized field) job
to do. In this manner no one individual had the information to put the
pieces of the puzzle together so there was no "collective information"
so the secret was kept safe.

All of you have fallen into the trap of micromanaging and bickering
over little pieces of the big cheese and all of you have fallen into
the trap that these *******s have set for you.

I know that human nature and the intellectual side of politics
intrigue all of us and we sure as hell like to either argue our side
of the story about this one and that one or we bury our heads in the
sand and remain naive because we fear the truth. I both instances "we"
have COLLECTIVELY missed the boat and none of us are synthesizing the

I beg you all "collectively" to embark on a new idea as it relates to
"The Spectator". It may no be a good thing for us as a "debating"
political entity because if we "collectively" unite by looking at the
big picture then "we" have taken much of the political debate out of
the equation which is inevitably the answer. The DEBATE will be over
and isn't that what "we" want?

What is better for us as a nation? To collectivity unite and beat
these tyrants at their own game of micromanaging "individually" and
let these politicians make us into a collective bunch of "folks" and
or debating fools who remain at the mercy of "their" will.

Are we going to remain a ship of fools rowing in different directions
on the hoodoo seas?


April 3rd 09, 03:49 PM