View Full Version : PING:::::: Comic-Pants. . . .

March 25th 09, 12:13 AM
Hey Mike Swine-Tall of Bend Over Indiana. . . i called your place
this afternoon, some colored sounding guy answered and said
your daughter could not come to phone because her mouth was
full ???

I got suspicious, asked him where 'Pig-Man' of Warsaw was.
"Sambo" said you were down at the welfare office because of
some confusion over stock investments & vicodan abuse ??

'Sambo' and i got to talking. Said you are his servant (and a
lousy one at that) cooked and cleaned his house like a big
dimb witted polish 'Rochester'.

Anyways, there is a job opening at the local wallmart for a greeter,
just wanted to let you know i will sponsor your entry into canada
if you post here the truth about you and Sambo. . . . us Jews are
required to do one act of kindness to a dumb animal once a
year. I figure if your at wallmart the pigs will be safe for at
that shift.