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Ike Milligan
March 26th 09, 03:37 AM
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> > >> Ron Paul: Believer in small government predicts 15-year depression
> > > We are nowhere near anything like a depression.
> > Keep telling yourself that.
> NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Is this the worst economy since the Great
> Depression? And what are the chances of the economy falling into
> another depression?
> The answer to the first question is fairly clear. In most ways that
> matter to economists and average Americans, this is the worst economic
> crisis since the Depression.
> The answer to the second question is not as clear. While the National
> Bureau of Economic Research officially declares the beginning and end
> of recessions, nobody does that for depressions.
> Still, the general consensus of economists is that another depression
> is not likely.

Peter, our bogus govt govt spins the data... on the theory that
public opinion can be swayed and they will start buying again in mass
and avert a depression... govt has never been very bright, especially
as influenced by special interests. Believing govt issued data,
and assuming that the 'analyists' are independent and accurate is at
the core of your set of notions... However, you are correct.. we
will see a huge suckers rally, starting last week that will take the
dow back into the 9000 range.... all on hot air as the insiders dump
their holdings...then the stock will tank to the 4,000 range....thats
why its called a suckers rally.

you will be invested in that Peter?

Phil scott

(IM) looking at a chart from last Oct. the $DJI looks like it is at the top
of a downward-sloping price channel. Mentally extrapolating off the edge of
the chart, it looks like about 5,000 is the next bottom. No way does the
channel point to 9,000. If it is going back to 9,000 I want to go long.
Where do you get that figure?