View Full Version : So I was short Healthcare

March 26th 09, 10:08 PM
Using ETFs for Pharmaceuticals (PPH), Medical Devices (IHI),
Biotechnology (IBB) and Healthcare Sector (XLV). I discuss the trades
in a bit of detail over on my blog. http://lukecarlos.wordpress.com/

Earlier this week PPH tripped it's stop loss and I was flat that
industry for most of the week. Today IBB and IHI also tripped their
stops. PPH is now 2 of 3 positive sentiment on the daily, so I
finished reversing the position and went long about an hour before

I'm staying flat IBB and IHI for now, until my trade signals reach a 2
out of 3 consensus that includes the price. I'm still short XLV, but
not by much. My trade stop got very close to tripping today.

The the longs I put on Friday and earlier this week, that basically
cover the entire rest of the market, still look good. I'll check
tonight, maybe in the morning I'll be able to move those stops to a
price where I'll be even.