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March 26th 09, 11:31 PM
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>Don't know how many of you have ever been to the B & H store, but the
>letters obviously stand for "Beards and Hats." It's hebes all the way in
>their store.
>NEW YORK - The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today
>filed a complaint and entered into a consent decree in federal district
>court with B & H Foto and Electronics Corp., resolving a national origin
>discrimination case on behalf of Hispanic workers at one of the largest
>retail sellers of photographic, computer and electronic equipment in the
>metropolitan area.
>The EEOC's lawsuit, filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
>alleged that B & H paid Hispanics in its warehouses less than non-Hispanic
>workers and failed to promote them or provide them health benefits based on
>their national origin (EEOC v. B & H Foto and Electronics Corp., No. 07-
>CV-9241). The court filed complaint is resolved simultaneously through the
>voluntary settlement of this matter by consent decree under which B & H
>agrees to comply with the requirements of Title VII; equalize the wages of
>Hispanic employees to their non-Hispanic coworkers; and to work with the
>EEOC in a claims process to distribute $4.3 million in monetary relief to
>individuals who were paid less, not promoted, or denied benefits because
>they are Hispanic.
>"We commend B & H for working cooperatively with us to resolve this matter
>without protracted litigation," said EEOC New York Trial Attorney Louis
>Graziano. "We encourage other employers to follow B & H's example of
>resolving this case expeditiously and in good faith."
>The lawsuit and consent decree are filed in the United States District Court
>for the Southern District of New York. The decree, in addition to proving
>for distribution of the multi-million dollar settlement fund, also requires
>employer training, notice posting, adoption of an anti-discrimination
>policy, reporting to the EEOC, and monitoring by the EEOC for the following
>five years.
>EEOC New York District Director Spencer H. Lewis, said: "Employees are
>entitled to work in an environment free of pay disparity and discrimination
>due to a person's national origin. Every individual deserves the freedom to
>compete in the workplace on a fair and level playing field."

"Beards and Hats" very funny!!