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July 9th 03, 03:11 PM
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> > > Anyone have an opinion or understand the charts on LLL?
> > > Is this stock a sell, hold or buy? I own it and wonder if
> > > should sell and move into something else? Thanks.
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> > I think it's a marvellous company, wish I owned it
> > I think you have another dollar on the upside
> >
> > my nots say buy at $39
> >
> > cut & paste the chart --> http://tinyurl.com/g8td
> > wait for possible slow load
> >
> > set a stop order at $44.11
> >
> > how's that Loral doin?
> >
> Thanks for your valued input. Unfortunately I bought LLL at the
> high a couple weeks ago and I will set my stop as you suggest
> this is where often trip myself up. I might just cut it loose
> and buy some other short term plays I like. As I buy equity
> positions, for the money I have invested I likely can do
> with some cheaper issues I like or even buying some more SBC
> some SNE ( for all the reasons you mentioned in another thread)
> and COX and CRAY all come to mind. COX announced digital
> service in the Tucson market for 2004. CRAY continues to make
> money much as CREE once did.
> Loral (LOR) continues to slay me. I am down 27% and feel like
> is personal now.. I might get stupid and buy some more and cost
> average it for the next up move.. ( have no firm reason to
> suspect this but it is about time it moves a little to the
> upside) I made a mistake toying with this g-dam company. I am
> looking for a exit strategy.
> My NXTL keeps climbing. But I think it is ripe and I will
> sell this week. Good idea...... VISG baffles me. I stuck it
into my ROTH IRA and
> into my general account and it is lagging.. I was looking to
> some money out of a money market account and was lucky enough
> buy MSFT last week.

LLL.....Look at wkly/mo charts. Not
looking positive. 40 soon?

SBC.....(buying more?) Could go to 30.
Then, looks like South.

SNE.....a reasonable risk.

COX.....looks like up a bit;
play the options?

CRAY.... no comment.

LOR.....down more. Better be a very good
and experienced trader to play this

MSFT....Lots of talk about this one. The options,
frequently, present opportunities. It is
going to challenge the 35-36 level is our

Thanks for the input. I ended up selling LLL, taking a very
slight loss. Bad timing on my part, (I never could dance worth a
lick). Bought Walgreen (WAG) since they are reporting good