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August 4th 03, 04:29 AM
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>Kensington Financial

Can't handle your money? See Kensington Financial. They will pick up
the phone for you and talk to the person on the other end for only a
"small" fee. Well, yes, on top of the initial consultation
fee....the managing fee...the dealing with you fee.....

Oh bollox who are we kidding.....

If you can't handle your money just bring it buy here and leave it
with us, you are evidently too stupid to know how to handle it so we
will take the burden of it off of your shoulders.

See?....... Now wasn't that easy? Don't you feel better?

You are still going to go bankrupt but at least you can do it knowing
you help line yet another persons pockets in the process.


PS the above noted item was intended to amuse and inflame and should
not be read by anyone between the ages of 4 & 99 years of age, or who
has an intellectual maturation deformity.

S & B Business Services
August 4th 03, 10:20 PM
Actually, Stephen I have and am under Kensington Debt Management - and far
from bankcrupt. I am now able to pay off my debts over a longer time with no
interest charge at all.

I have only had one CCJ processed against me, so although I am sure I could
have better credit rating, I am sure that it is a lot better than going

As for the fee, it is only £30 per month, which as it takes all the hassles
away from me is well worth it. Oh, did I mention that I am saving about £60
after I have paid the fee to kensignton - just on interest?

I think you will agree then that debt management programs are more
beneficial for some people, than getting yet another loan to pay all your

Kind Regards,


S & B Business Services
August 5th 03, 09:26 PM
"Tim" > wrote in message

> How's that work then? No interest? Why can't I have some of that!!

If you enter into a debt management program - the debt management company
will write to the credit company, say that you are unable to make minimum
payments. The account will then be frozen and they will accept a repayment
proposal set down by the management company. No interest, penalties or
charges are made to the account after the agreement has been made.

If you think this would possibly help your current situation and would like
more information give Kensington Finance a call - free call even! 0800 783
5650 ask to speak with Stuart Parkin - very helpful chap!!

If you would like any impartial information about the services offered by
Kensington my email is . Kensington helped
me get back on track after a difficult time with creditors - I am now
getting back on track!