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January 23rd 06, 09:21 PM
Rob Allen Returns is hoping that somebody cares, so he wrote:

> Purchased RYVNX in quantity!!!!!

Why don't you explain how compounding $1 @ 40.43% for 5 years equals
Did "the voices" figure this out for you when you posted???

<<My IRA account showed a 49.68% Return in 2005 and a 5 Year yearly average
return of 40.43%.
I have turned every dollar invested in 2000 into $111.96 as of Dec 31, 2005!
When I post a recommendation here it is because I know what I am talking
about! Most don't want to hear it.
I decided early on that I don't perform well in a halter therefore ruled out
working for anyone, especially in the financial fields which you all know is
controlled by the jewish elitists/international bankers.>>