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Default "Only 15 per cent of eligible households take up NBN wireless"

F Murtz wrote:
Abusive Liar Party wrote:
On 1/07/2014 4:42 PM, Don McKenzie wrote:
On 01-Jul-14 3:23 PM, Dechucka wrote:

Those who want need it can use it those that don't can stick with what
they have. It's called CHOICE

I'm afraid it isn't.
You don't get a choice.

I have a letter from NBN Co stating that my existing service will be
permanently switched of on 14 August 2015, and it is up to me to make
alternative arrangements for my home phone and Internet.

Cheers Don...

Most people will go exclusively mobile and ignore the NBN.

Highly unlikely, there is going to be both fixed cell wireless and FTTN
here shortly and I know which I will be opting for.

I have done it again replying to old posts.