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Default In Murr V. Wisconsin, SCOTUS Deals Another Blow To The FifthAmendment

On 06/26/2017 10:26 PM, jim wrote:
#BeamMeUpScotty wrote:
On 06/25/2017 04:14 PM, jim wrote:
#BeamMeUpScotty wrote:
To take the property required imminent domain....

To take the value of it, is to take the property. Either way the
confiscated $360,000 worth of property and/or avoided paying fair

If BMUS writes it you know its a lie.

First of all, the state isn't involved other than
providing the legal system in which a local govt
can operate and disputes can be resolved.

State constitutions and laws and court decisions can't violate the U.S.

The Constitution says clearly that govts are allowed
to deprive people of life, liberty and property
as long as its done with due process.

And you deleted the text that explained the fact that the State didn't
use due process..... they stole the property without using "imminent

They can't simply steal it when the Constitution has the way to do
something like that spelled out as the constitutional way to do it.

Like Article 5 tells the government how it will create Amendments...
they can't just bypass that by writing laws to change the constitution.

In the case of stealing property, imminent domain "is" the due process.

And imminent domain says that they pay fair market value. if their law
said the owner can't sell to anyone else then it had to say that the
sale to the government was to be done "within the imminent domain legal
structure" then I'd have no quibble with it.

As it is the County and State colluded to steal from a U.S. citizen,
because eminent domain requires fair market values.

Funny that a Liberal wants minimum wage and yet you can't see the value
of a fair market value. Proof that Liberals don't understand capitalism.

When government sets a minimum wage for government workers I have no
issues with it, but since the constitution doesn't allow for a Nation
wide minimum wage I see it as over reaching their delegated power when
they try to set a national minimum wage. But you want to ignore a
minimum fair market value for imminent domain when it's mandated in the
constitution. You want to let the government do what they have no
delegated power to do "because it violates property rights".

So once again NATIONALIZING private property into PUBLIC PROPERTY with
no delegated power to do it you want the State Government to steal from

That's Karma