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CITI Group Al Qaeda Headquarters: The Bush Crime Family Terrorist Bank

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Old May 14th 05, 04:50 AM
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Default CITI Group Al Qaeda Headquarters: The Bush Crime Family Terrorist Bank

April 21, 2005

CITI Group Al Qaeda Headquarters

The Bush Crime Family Terrorist Bank

By Stewart Webb

Federal Whistleblower

The Bush Millman Clinton Lansky Jewish Mob Connections:

The Deceased Bush Crime Family Denver Boss Hog Leonard Yale Millman was
a partner of Meyer Lansky.

Recently obtained evidence indicates the relationship between Millman
and Lansky was deeply intertwined for years involving Narcotics Money
Laundering, and other illegal activities. Lansky was known to be the
head of the MISPUKA-JEWISH MAFIA operating inside the United States.
Elaine Millman the New Boss Hogs recently stated the Mossad Cleaned me
out and shook me down, this is far from the truth.

Elaine Millman still controls $3.5 Trillion Dollars according to the
latest accounting.

Senator Hillary Clinton

It is known that Senator Hillary Clinton whose real name is Hillary
Rodenhurst Clinton of New York has been acting as a Mossad Bush Crime
Family stooge for years.

Iran Contra Operation Eagle

Hillary was involved in Narcotics Money Laundering with George H. W.
Bush, Leonard Millman, Ollie North, M&L Business Machines Company of
Denver a Millman Cut-out front company that Bankrupted in 1991,
involving the Iran Contra Narcotics for Weapons Operations code name

Narcotics for Weapons Operation Black Eagle

When Congress outlawed Operation Eagle under the Bolin Act, George H.
W. Bush setup Operation Black Eagle, to intentionally hide the
Narcotics for Weapons operations from Government Officials and
investigators, these illegal operations continue today.

Hillary Clinton laundered Billions in Narcotics Money through M&L
Business Machines of Denver, Silverado Savings and Loan of Denver, then
the money went oversea to cleans the money, through John Dick in the
Isle of Man and the Isle of Jersey to The Compodium Trust Company,
(Dick a Denver Resident was a Millman Front) then back under the
disguise of Foreign Trusts through Jackson Stephens of Little Rock,
Arkansas and the Rose Law Firm were Hillary Clinton was a partner. Then
Hillary's money flowed through Morgan Stanley under the name MIApollo
Investments Ltd.

The 21 pages of Top Secret Documents proving the $3.6 Billion in
Narcotics Money laundering can be found on
www.StewWebb.com under US
Intel Breaking News.

Denver Attorneys Norman Brownstein, Steve Hoth, Allen Karsh

Many of those Narco-Trusts are now under the Control of Norman
Brownstein, Steve Hoth and Allen Karsh all Denver Colorado Attorneys.

White House Aid Vince Foster

White House Aid Vince Foster a Rose Law Firm Partner was murdered by
the Clinton's after it was learned by Bill & Hillary Clinton and Bushes
that Vince Foster was working with Defense Intelligence Officer/
Counter Intelligence Leo Wanta who was involved in a Sting Operation of
Fugitive Mossad Agent Mark Rich. Vice President Albert Gore Jr., DIA
Leo Wanta, General Vernon Walters and others good guys had compromised
Vince Foster who turned States evidence and informant in order to
arrest March Rich, and bring to Justice The Clintons, Bushes and others
involving Iran Contra and other espionage activities against The United
States. Foster was killed after Clinton's learned of this operation.
Foster was last seen in the White House having sex with both Clinton's,
a yellow pick up truck bearing the Arkansas license number RCG-702
belonging to Hensel-Phelps Construction Company of Little Rock with
Headquarters in Greeley Colorado carried Foster's body out of the White
House in a Rug and Vince Foster's body was dumped in a park. Helsel
Phelps was controlled by Phil Winn an MDC Director's brother and the

Hensel Phelps Construction Company A Major Contractor at Denver
International Airport

Hensel Phelps committed massive frauds on Government contracts
involving the Airport Construction. Example: Was the $200 million
dollar baggage system that did not operate and had to be replaced. Many
scams and frauds were done by Hensel Phelps in the Denver Airport

Leonard Millman and Elaine Millman Organized Crime Figures and 9-11 WTC

This now not only connected Leonard Millman and his widow Elaine R.
Millman who lives at 3333 E. Cherry Creek Drive #70 Denver, Colorado as
Organized Crime Figures, Bush Crime Family Boss Hogs Laundering
Narcotics Money, but other scandals including Savings & Loan, HUD,
Denver International Airport, Securities, Oil & Gas, Government
Contract Frauds, Iran Contra and most of the scandals from 1970-2005
including the Latest $10 Billion dollar Pension Fund Frauds. But this
new evidence directly ties Millman's to the MISPUKA-JEWISH MAFIA,
including the financing of the Al Qaeda Terrorist Network involving the
Attack on September 11, 2005 known as 9-11 WTC., M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.

(See: Frauds Are Us at MDC: A Bush Crime Family Publicly Traded Company
NYSE-PSX www.stewwebb.com )

This new evidence ties Bushes, Millman's, Clinton's, CIA, FBI
Division 5 Ted L. Gunderson, DEA, U.S. Customs, U.S. Military, MISPUKA,
JEWISH MAFIA, The Queen of England all in Bed Together.

Allen Karsh

Denver Attorney Allen Karsh brother of Organized Crime Figure Elaine
Millman, has repeatedly claimed he is the MISPUKA, JEWISH MAFIA. Allen
Karsh has repeated this to many in Denver, including Prostitutes in
Denver who have provided Allen Karsh sexual services for payment
(Prostitution). Allen was divorced from Mary Ann Karsh a wannabe
psychologist & Denver gadfly, they had one son. Allen Karsh one of the
Mafia attorneys and brother-in-law of deceased Leonard Millman and now
runs the daily Crime Family Operations with Boss Hog Elaine Millman.

Allen Karsh has been a major Narcotics Importer into the United States
of America for Years, under Karsh Investments at 950 S. Cherry Street,
Denver Colorado. Allen Karsh imports narcotics from Mexico to Denver,
Colorado each week with Narcotics packed in the seafood, put on ice to
cover up the heat from US satellites.

Karsh has a US Customs agent on his payroll that buys off, OKs the
loads during inspections, then the Narcotics is sent to Peter
Brophy's Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado for redistribution to
various Strip-Bars in Denver, Shot Gun Willies, Proof of the Pudding,
and others owned by Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Norman Brownstein and
Bobby Rifkin.

HUD Fraudsters Phil Winn and Allen Karsh

Karsh also was involved in looting the US Government in the HUD,
Department of Housing & Urban Development Scandal of 1989 with The Winn
Groups of Denver. Former Switzerland Ambassador 1988-1989 Phil Winn,
the former FHA Commissioner from 1981-1982 was convicted and to be
sentenced and never served a day in jail after pleading guilty in the
HUD Scandal. In The United States District Court For The District Of
Colorado Judge Sherman Finesilver never completed the sentencing of
Phil Winn. Sherman Finesilver had been involved in Obstruction of
Justice for Leonard Millman and Larry Mizel over many National
Scandals. Judge Sherman Finesilver's son was disbarred as an attorney
after being caught as a Narcotics Dealer. Finesilver's son and Neil
Bush, George W. Bush's brother were in the Narcotics Business together
involving Sun Flow Energy Company. Bill Clinton gave Philip D. Winn a
Presidential Pardon. Allen Karsh's involvement, using Haggaman &
Karsh, Karsh & Haggaman, Karsh and Lottner as attorneys of record in
the HUD Frauds was never really investigated and covered-up. The Winn
Group stole hundreds of Billions from HUD.

AIMCO: The United States Largest Apartment Landlord

Those stolen properties are now under the umbrella of AIMCO a Real
Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with over 500,000 apartments in the
United States all stolen from HUD.

Asset Investors: a MDC subsidiary company

Phil Winn a Director of Asset investors Colorado's largest financial
institution is an M.D.C. Holding, Inc. subsidiary controlled by Leonard
Millman and being run by Larry Mizel, at 3600 S. Yosemite, Denver,
Colorado. Allen Karsh and Steve Hoth of the Norman Brownstein Law
Office of Denver are in control of the late Leonard Millman Estate.
Norman Brownstein is an attorney of record who represents Millman's
companies including MDC Holdings, Inc., CITI Group, AIMCO and many
other Illegally gained assets.

CITI Group Al Qaeda Headquarters

MDC Holdings, Inc. owned Silverado Savings and Loan were Neil Bush,
George W. Bush's brother was a director. Norman Brownstein also
represents Millman's, Banks including CITI Corp, also known as CITI
Group who was deeply involved with the financing of Terrorist Cells in
the United States and paid those involved in the 9-11 WTC, World Trade
Center Attack on America. CITI Group is now being called Al Qaeda
Headquarters. This is Treason against America, and indictments should
immediately be brought.

(See: www.stewwebb.com Federal Grand Jury Demand August 2004 Case #
95-Y-107 Filed by Stewart Webb)

AIG American Insurance General

Millman's were further tied to AIG; Millman's were involved with
massive frauds and money laundering with AIG and Carl Lindner. Lindner
who operated the Chiquita Bananas United Fruit Company ran the Costa
Rico Narcotics for Weapons Operations with John Hall and General John
Singlaub during the 1980s-1990s.

(See: www.stewwebb.com Breaking News: Top Secret Indictments and
arrest warrants issued by the Congress and Senate of Costa Rico against
Col. Oliver North, U.S. Attorney William Richard Scruggs, and the other
Bush Crime Family members. These Indictments with requests for
extradition and warrants are being ignored today.)

American Insurance General and CITI Group-CITI Bank

American Insurance General who received 12 subpoenas from New York
Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, in connections to the 9-11 WTC
financial accounts tied to CITI Group. Marty Greenberg who resigned as
CEO of AIG the day the subpoenas were issued worked for Millman's cut
out front company Meyer Blinder, the Worlds Largest Penny Stock
Brokerage that collapsed in 1990-1991. MDC Holdings, Inc., operated
National Brokerage Group of Companies in the 1980s were Maurice
Greenberg was deeply involved with Iran Contra activities, money
laundering, stock frauds and manipulations.

Maurice Greenberg, Pete Peterson, Leonard Millman and The CFR

Maurice Greenberg also known as Marty Greenberg took the fifth
amendment a few days ago when asked about the 9-11 World Trade Center
financing of the Al Qaeda Terrorists. Maurice Greenberg also is a
Director of the CAR, Council of Foreign Relations, a New World Order
Terrorist think tank, were Leonard Yale Millman was an Honorary
Director. Another CFR Director Pete Peterson and Leonard Millman were
involved with the Blackstone Group.

MDC-BCCI Bank Of Credit and Commerce International

A series of articles by Time Magazine were done on BCCI.

MDC, Silverado, Lincoln Savings and Millman's were directly involved
with the Bushes, in a world wide Terrorist and Money Laundering
Operation. That Operation today is known as Al Qaeda. (See:
www.stewwebb.com BCCI and yes I did my part in exposing it.)

Adolph Hitler and George H. W. Bush

Remember who first coined the phrase The New World Order, Nazi Adolph
Hitler. When George H. W. Bush was President, Bush re-coined the phrase
The New World Order, in several speeches. Since Prescott Bush, George
W. Bush the White House Occupants, grandfather financed Adolph Hitler
during World War 11 through Brown Bothers-Harriman and was charged with
Trading with the Enemy Act, I think it would be appropriate given the
evidence that I and many others possess of the Atrocities and Espionage
activities of this New World Order Bush Crime Family against America.

That we could now change the White House Name to Bushes NAZI-Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is a disgusting ruse, all created to keep the world in a
perpetual state of terror! Al Qaeda was created by the Bushes and is a
pawn of the New World Order Satanists! --2004 Presidential and Vice
Presidential Candidates/ Federal Whistleblowers Tom Heneghan & Stew

CITI Group and American Insurance General Financed the 9-11 World Trade
Center Terrorist Attack!

George H. W. Bush and Leonard Millman's CITI Group financing the
attack on The United States of America on Sept 11, 2001, known as 9-11,
WTC, if this is part of The New World Order, then we as Americans need
to immediately take control of The White House and the US Government
and put an end to The New World Order.

Rather than Hang these Gangsters for Treason and killing 3,000
Americans for Oil and Money.

I have another suggestion, lets order our troops out of Iraq, and let
the Iraq people know we American's will no longer tolerate such
activity of The New World Order Satanists and drop these Goons on the
Airstrip at Baghdad Airport.

The Iraq people then will save America a large amount of taxes in
funeral expenses for these Nazi Goons.

Who has the Handcuffs?

Stew Webb

Federal Whistleblower

Vice Presidential Candidate Heneghan Webb 2004



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